A Japanese Haven Featured by Vetter

Vetter, a reputable food review platform, recently featured Moichi Pancakes in a splendid article, recognising us as an authentic Japanese pancake destination in Hanoi. Vetter's feature captures the heart and soul of Moichi, making it a cherished acknowledgment of our culinary journey so far.

The article states, "Stepping into 'MOICHI,' nestled in a local atmosphere of the Tay Ho district, one might suddenly fall into the illusion of having arrived in Japan." The detailed appreciation of our shop's decor, a labor of love from our dedicated team, is a nod to our commitment to providing an authentic Japanese experience in the heart of Hanoi.

Vetter speaks highly of our varied menu that offers a delectable blend of sweet and savory delights. The subtly spiced 'Chicken & Pancakes,' and the visually appealing 'Strawberry & Mint' received special mention. A feast to the eyes and palate, these dishes capture the essence of Moichi's culinary philosophy.

Vetter pays tribute to the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into every pancake, describing the wait for our fresh, meticulously prepared pancakes as entirely worthwhile. The pancakes, they write, "melt delicately in your mouth, evidencing their subtle, delicate nature. The homemade sauces and jams, laboriously prepared, pair perfectly with the pancakes."

This recognition from Vetter is a testament to our endeavor to bring a slice of Japanese culinary culture to Hanoi, complete with a tantalizing pancake menu and an inviting, authentic ambiance.

Ready to embark on a culinary journey to Japan without leaving Hanoi? Join us at Moichi Pancakes for an unforgettable pancake experience! For more insights, visit our website and stay updated with the latest from us on Facebook and Instagram. Say it with us: "Mou ichi, please!".