Moichi Unveils Designer Cocktail Line

Hanoi, July 1, 2022 — Picture this: You're seated in Moichi Pancakes, a delightful pancake oasis nestled in the heart of Hanoi, indulging in a soft, souffle-like pancake. As you bite into the fluffy sweetness, your other hand reaches for a drink. But this isn't just any drink. This is a carefully crafted, premium cocktail — a new addition to Moichi Pancakes and the perfect sidekick to our signature pancakes.

Yes, you read that right! Starting July 2022, we're jazzing up your pancake experience with our spectacular line of cocktails that are inspired by the rich, diverse heritage of Japanese cocktails.

At Moichi Pancakes, we have always dreamed of creating an immersive, comprehensive dining experience that takes you straight to Japan. And now, we're upping the ante with our cocktail menu, designed to take your taste buds on a tantalizing journey while beautifully complementing our renowned pancakes.

The Cocktails: A Parade of Flavors

Our new cocktail menu stars six impressive creations, each a masterpiece on its own, but also an ideal pairing with our pancakes.

  1. Tokyo Old Fashioned: Picture sipping on a sophisticated blend of Suntory Old Whisky, Sakura Bitters, Kuromitsu Gomme, topped with a hint of Orange Expression. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Well, this cocktail captures the spirit of traditional Japanese mixology, all in one glass.
  2. Midori Spritz: This bubbly delight unites Sparkling Wine, Midori, Cherry, and Soda to deliver a refreshing explosion of fruity, effervescent notes in every sip.
  3. Mimosa: What better way to add a touch of elegance to your day than with our classic blend of Sparkling Wine and Orange Juice?
  4. Bellini: Indulge in the luxurious mix of Sparkling Wine and Peach. It's a sweet, delicate affair that pairs perfectly with the soft, fluffy charm of our pancakes.
  5. White Sangria: This isn't your regular Sangria. We've given it a tropical makeover, blending White Wine, Apricot Brandy Liqueur, Strawberry, Mango, Banana, and Soda to give you a burst of refreshing vibrancy.
  6. Red Sangria: A harmonious cocktail that brings together Red Wine, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, and Soda, creating a melange of fruity goodness with a hint of fizz.

Our owner shares, "These handcrafted cocktails draw their inspiration from Japanese mixology, each designed to play off the flavors of our pancakes and elevate your dining experience."

Our cocktail line represents another step in our ongoing journey to offer you an unforgettable culinary experience, highlighting the very best of Japanese cuisine and mixology. Whether you're savoring a Tokyo Old Fashioned with your pancake or sampling the tropical notes of our White Sangria, these cocktails promise an exciting twist to every dining occasion.

Join us starting July 2022 to experience this delightful harmony between our signature pancakes and our exquisite cocktail line. We're located in Hanoi, ready to whisk you away on a delightful culinary adventure.

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