The Sweet Origins of Moichi

Hanoi, August 15, 2021 - Picture this: The vibrant, neon-infused streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, bustling with life, eccentric fashion, and... pancakes? This was where the conception of MOICHI took place, the brainchild of adventurous foodie couple Jack and Linh Nguyen.

"Sweetie, this shit is the bomb. We need to make like napalm and drop it on Vietnam", exclaimed an excited Jack.

The couple had long been cooking up plans for a business venture that would unite them under a shared purpose. They had discovered the diamond in the rough, a delectable idea they could bring back to their homeland - the Japanese Souffle Pancake. The only missing ingredient? The help of Linh's supportive parents.

Armed with an unyielding determination, Linh embarked on a culinary journey to recreate the pancake that had captured her heart and taste buds. There were countless trials, a plethora of errors, yet her spirit never wavered. After arduous months of experimentation, research, and even an intensive chef training, the Souffle Pancake surrendered to Linh's mastery. The shape, texture, flavor, garnish - everything was perfect.

While Linh was conducting her sweet symphony in the kitchen, Jack was busy building the visual representation of their dream. Logo, website, branding, the shop's interior - everything was meticulously designed. However, a crucial piece was missing - a name that would resonate with the brand's ethos and charm.

And then, like the perfect final touch to their dream pancake, inspiration struck when they least expected it.

"I did it, Honey! The pancake... it's perfect!", Linh's voice echoed through their home, laced with triumph and joy.

Tasting the perfect pancake, Jack was hit by a wave of inspiration. "Anata, mou ichi kudasai," he said, a phrase meaning 'one more, please' in Japanese.

Linh, after a hearty laugh, corrected him, "You mean mou ichi do, right?"

A pause hung in the air, and then, "💡"

"No, honey, MOICHI! That's it, that's the name!"

And so, MOICHI, roughly translating to 'one more' in English, was born. It symbolized their wish for every customer who tried their products - to fall in love with the taste and exclaim, "One more, please!"