Press Releases

Moichi Rises To Stardom On Voice Of Vietnam

By Linh
Our Moichi pancakes take center stage in an exclusive VOV video feature!

A Japanese Haven Featured by Vetter

By Linh
Vetter's spotlight on Moichi pancakes highlights the restaurant's commitment to Japanese authenticity and culinary delight!

Moichi Unveils Designer Cocktail Line

By Linh
Exciting news for Moichi lovers! We're taking your dining experience to the next level with a new line of expertly crafted cocktails.

The Sweet Origins of Moichi

By Linh
An enticing voyage from Tokyo's bustling streets to Hanoi, shaping a pancake empire...

Moichi & Capichi Join Forces!

By Linh
Moichi sweetens your stay-at-home experience with the introduction of Capichi as its delivery partner.

Moichi Sweeps the Spotlight in Hanoi Keizai Shinbun

By Linh
Japanese culinary flair meets Vietnamese heart in Hanoi Keizai Shinbun's latest spotlight.